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Work with Amanda

3 and 6 month packages!


"We strategized, set rules, and came up with a plan we can all stick to. (Zelda still asks me when you’re coming to sleep over again. 😅) You are our modern day Mary Poppins. You have a gift with children that very few people have. Your intuition with how to deal with kids and also help parents feel empowered is amazing. Thank you a million times for being there.
-Katherine Debs

Straightforward and nurturing strategies for parents and couples who want more.

Designer Nanny- Let me be there to help your strong willed, spirited, empathetic child/children! They have a specific personality and you need a professional who understands how they process their world in such a special way! 



My name is Amanda Houle, MS ED, Ed and I’m here to help
you adopt the mindset, as well as the techniques
and strategies, to be a confident parent, create a
healthy partnership with your spouse and support
a thriving family.

4 Pillars of Parenting With a Punch: Essential to raising strong willed and spirited children!

1.) Communicating effectively with your partner and children

2) Owning your energy, mindset, and behavior

3) Parenting on the same page- Teamwork

4) Redesigning Discipline 


Clients who work with Amanda are ready to parent with purpose and raise confident, happy children.

Clients that strive to parent on the same page as their spouse and want to agree in how to raise their children work with Amanda. 

If you are like many of her clients, you are DONE with the whining, the fighting, and you are tired of the sleepless nights wondering what am I doing wrong. You are ready to be the role model you know you truly are for your children.

As the Parenting Guru | Designer Nanny, Amanda strongly believes parenting on the same page, positive discipline, owning your energy, and healthy communication are the
essential steps to creating the family life of your dreams.

She will work with YOU as a team to create your family vision, goals, and lay out your NEW family foundation to create the family life you desire, in 1 of the several private programs she offers to her one-to-one clients in the comfort of your own home.


Program 1: From Conflicted to Confident Parenting

This support is for children displaying anxiety as well as behaviors. Is your child throwing tantrums? Are they hitting, kicking, biting you or their sibling? Does your child have fears, phobias that affect your daily routines? Has your child experienced trauma? If you answered YES to any of these questions you are in the right place. 

Details Includes: 

  • Individualized Catered Support In Person (Inquire about overnights)

  • Mindfulness Strategies 

  • Meditation and hands on tools

  • Nutrition guidance (plays a HUGE role with anxiety) 


  • Contact for inquiries  


Program 2 Virtual Support: 3 Month From Conflicted to Confident Parenting

6 Month Plan Blueprint To Success

In this program she will work with you to:

  • Manage behaviors

  • Help you to be more productive in both parenting and your personal life

  • Create more happiness in your home

Details include:

  • Unlimited email/text

  • Month 1- Customized individual action plan 1.5-2 hours

  • Month 1- Behavior Assessments 60min

  • Month 2 & 3, 4, 5, and 6 Weekly 45 minute virtual sessions

  • A copy of the recorded sessions

Program Price:

  • Inquire about pricing

*** Inquire about in home catered individualized support- Payment plans optional


Program 3- Behavior Bootcamp- Weekend live in intensive right in your home! Do you want to start your week off on the right foot, refreshed, and in control of your life? Are you DONE with your children calling the shots?  Are you afraid to leave the house? I stay with you for the entire weekend. Call me your Behavioral Nanny or Designer Nanny as your world will be turned upside down when you get weekend/overnight support. Be sure to ask us about overnights for bedtime fears, anxiety, as well as week intensives and planned vacations. Designer Nanny travels all over the world! *Inquire about weekly support intensives 

During the weekend we will work hands on to:

  • Redesign Discipline

  • Decrease tantrums

  • Set limits and boundaries 

  • Teach appropriate behavior in the community (if applicable)

  • Get your mornings/evenings back 

Program Price:

  • Inquire within (depends on location, how many children, behaviors involved)

Inquire about traveling outside of MA/ NH

Program 4- Expecting a Little One-

  • Learn what to expect when your expecting a new baby, adoption, or contemplating having children

  • Learn the tools to be proactive to parent on the same page

  • Learn the 4 parenting styles, which 1 is the best to ensure your raising a happy, confident, successful child, and psycho-educational strategies, and worksheets

  • Learn the tools and strategies to put your relationship first as this is what will help your family thrive and more! 

Program Price:

  • Virtual and in person:

*Inquire within


Are you ready to become the role model you desire?

Connect with Amanda to learn more and apply.