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Who is Amanda?

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Amanda is a Parenting Guru | Designer Nanny and host of the podcast, Parenting with a Punch show. She is passionate and has a genuine love for her work. Amanda is continually inspired to work with parents and children to help them succeed and feel empowered. Amanda has always been someone who thinks outside of the box which gives her the natural ability to look through the child's eyes, piece together the steps, and modifications needed to fully support families. Amanda's foundation lies on promoting optimal parenting styles and positive outcome parent-child interactions. Amanda is your family's biggest cheerleader! When you can honestly take ownership of your energy and face the responsibility your role in parenting as their role model life will be more fun! There is simply no time to waste! Children's brains are 80% developed by age 5. These are the crucial years that dictate who your children will be when they grow up. 

Amanda's niche is ages 2-6 years old due to her strong desire and passion to create change early. Amanda also specializes in working with children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, ODD, Sensory Processing, Anxiety, and neuro-typical children displaying behavioral challenges. Amanda works with ages 2-6 years old.



Amanda, MS Ed, Ed

Founder of Parenting with a Punch 

Straightforward and nurturing strategies for parents and couples who want more. 


Amanda has a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University. She then received her MS degree from Touro College with a dual degree in General and Elementary Special Education with a specialization in Early Childhood. Amanda is a former Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) in NYC. This work inspired Amanda to want to reach families all over the world and not be limited to only families in NYC. Amanda leads parenting and couples retreats both in the states and outside of the country. Amanda has a strong presence and brings a lightness and sense of humor to parenting. 


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