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FB NO-Nonsense Parenting Community

Quarterly add on service + 3 months of FB membership


Quarterly add on service + 3 months of FB membership


Parent support add-on per quarter- Six 30 minute phone calls (option to do video)

  • 3 month access to FB community as part of quarterly plan

  • You may use your calls as you wish or you may schedule out over the 3 months

  • You will receive a scheduling link to book 2 weeks out (first come first serve- am/pm options with limited evening availability) Be sure to book in advance!

  • For parents of children ages 1-18 years of age

Quarters: 1st Quarter: February 1-June 1, 2019, Second Quarter: June 1-September 1, Third Quarter: September-December 1st, 4th Quarter: December 1st-February 29, 2020

  • Option to pay per quarter

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