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Having well-behaved kids doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.









Happy families aren’t just on sitcoms.


-Lesley D.

We have two daughters, 2 and 5 years old. We were having a really difficult time. Despite our continued efforts in reading, researching, asking other parents and implementing we were unsuccessful in our goals. Amanda's natural ability to connect with children and expertise in child development was the key to our daughter's success. In addition to working hands on with them she provided us with tools to use to implement for the behavior changes we wanted to see. She surprised us 3 days later with a surprise for their success. She also provided us with a list of to do's and common behavior modification mistakes that most do not realize. I never in a million years would have expected to see such an increase in the quality of our day to day lives as a family from this one time investment. 


- Beth M.

Amanda is fantastic, fun, and professional. I was skeptical of hiring someone to potty train my 2 year old daughter at first which quickly changed. I am amazed how she was able to get her to do things I could not. Since she walked in my daughter is 100% diaper free. Amanda set up a plan to also have her binky free in 3 days. She is truly amazing. I would recommend Amanda to anyone in need of support. 

-Atlas Foundation For Autism, Founder-Amanda F.

Amanda Houle comes to work with a tool belt of knowledge, intuition and sensitivity rare in education today. She uses her behavioral background and immense heart to create support that helps students feel respected and excited to try new approaches. It's an honor to support her.


Amanda has a playful spirit but is still able to maintain discipline and structure during her sessions. Amanda has a genuine love for my son and for other children she works for and understands the importance of working with the whole family in the treatment of the individual child.  


Amanda is an incredibly caring and competent educator; she is her students biggest cheerleader and advocate. We feel incredibly lucky to have her in our lives. Our son thrived under her guidance and she became a friend of the entire family. She would be there for every setback and every success; never letting us give up or despair. Any child would be lucky to have her in their corner!  

-Meghan Anne

Working with Amanda was awesome! My sons behavior has improved with her assistance. It's not an overnight fix, but now we have the structure and tools in place to stay on the right path. I highly recommend consulting with Amanda if you struggle with behavior issues with your child.